Looking back at 2023 and new challenges in 2024


A year ago, we at Ekeri had the ambition to elevate the company’s performance to an entirely new level. The year 2023 was supposed to be the best in the company’s history. That was the goal. Ambitious aspirations considering the market situation and all the challenges we knew then, which were further amplified during the year.

With great joy, pride, and gratitude, I can confirm that we had a fantastic year. The Ekeri team has once again shown that together as a team, anything is possible!

All-time record

During the year, Ekeri manufactured the highest number of units ever in the company’s history, thereby achieving an all-time high in revenue and results. We have also been very successful in sales and have a good order backlog for 2024.

So, what are the reasons for this, and how has it been possible?

The answer is actually very simple. There are over 330 reasons, in other words, every employee in the company. The Ekeri group, including the company’s board, owners, our suppliers, and partners, are the reasons for the success. As a whole – together!

We have managed to capitalize on the conditions built over the years, enabling this record-breaking year! Along with all our subsidiaries, we complement each other and form a united and strong Ekeri. The group stands firm, primarily because we have several business areas and can balance and face the risks and market changes that may come our way in a constantly changing world.

Towards new challenges

But it doesn’t stop here.
We will continue to work just as efficiently and strategically. Now that we have gained momentum, it is up to us to lead Ekeri towards new results, records, and growth. We will do this by working purposefully together. Every one of us in the personnel is needed for us to succeed. Collaboration and open communication are keywords. We want to make 2024 at least as good a year and continue to break records.

As a whole – together!

Thank you!



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