Dobbe Transport sets the standard in urban logistics.


In the urban centers of Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam, Dobbe Transport isn’t just another logistics company — they are a partner in providing transport solutions with a focus on efficiency and sustainability. Their approach is essential in addressing the challenges of modern city environments and adapting to new logistical demands.

As a member of a distribution network, Dobbe Transport ensures goods are delivered via the fastest and most efficient routes. Being a member of Netwerk Benelux (NBX) allows them to offer delivery times of 24 to 48 hours within the Benelux region, demonstrating their commitment to quality service and sustainable practices. With a team of 250 professionals and a fleet of 100 trucks, Dobbe Transport has the resources and expertise to meet customer’s needs.

Next to offering transport solutions, Dobbe also provides warehousing according to BioSkal and BRC guidelines, customs bonded services (AEO), storage of dangerous goods (PGS15). This is being performed at their locations in Roelofarendsveen and Aalsmeer with a total capacity of 30.000 pallet places.

Dobbe Transport is dedicated to sustainability within the transport industry and as a result, they have taken numerous initiatives. They have invested in electric trucks and plans further investments in the future, ensuring their routes are carefully planned for maximum efficiency. Moreover, their head office runs on solar power, boasting 500 solar panels which proves their commitment to reducing their carbon footprint.

Tight spaces and challenges in urban logistics

In crowded urban areas like those in the Netherlands, flexibility is key. Dobbe Transport operates with a clear focus on the unique demands of urban logistics, particularly in crowded areas like The Netherlands.

By adopting Ekeri City Semi-trailers, they provide flexible and efficient solutions for urban deliveries. These specialized trailers, with side-opening doors, allow for easy loading and unloading, even in tight city spaces. This flexibility is crucial when dealing with complex goods like solar panels or temperature controlled items, ensuring secure transport at the correct temperature.

Dobbe Transport’s commitment to innovation and technology, combined with their ability to navigate urban challenges, makes them a trusted partner for businesses. Their focus on efficient, reliable, and flexible solutions helps them consistently meet customer expectations in a dynamic urban landscape.

“Ekeri has been a reliable partner for Dobbe Transport. The city-trailers with side-opening doors provide the flexibility we need to operate efficiently, even in tight urban areas. With Ekeri’s innovative approach, we’ve been able to improve our logistics and take steps toward a more sustainable industry. The traditional methods of transportation are changing, and this design have been a key part of that shift. We appreciate their focus on practical and sustainable solutions and how they’ve helped us meet our operational goals.” says Peter Wesselius, responsible for Fleet Management & Maintenance from Dobbe Transport.


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