It started as a one-person business producing furniture, sconces, and toothbrush handles in a shed of 20 square metres.

The history of Ekeri is a story about unyielding entrepreneurship and innovation and a development from artisanal production to large-scale manufacturing.

The company is founded

Bror Eklund founds a company named Eklunds Snickeri, focusing primarily on carpentry.

Carpentry products

Products manufactured by the company include doors and furniture.

Trailers and kiosks

In addition to superstructures and trailers, Eklunds Snickeri begins manufacturing caravans and horse-drawn carriages.

Metal industry

Ekeri specialises in transportation equipment and primarily in covered trailers and trailers with tarpaulin sides. In the 1970s, management of the company transfers to Lars and Henrik Eklund.

New factory

The factory that is still used today is built in the 80s. During this decade, Ekeri also starts exporting to Sweden and Norway.

Side opening

Ekeri specialises in side-opening superstructures and trailers. The third generation joins the business. Exports to countries beyond the Nordic region begin.

Ekeri’s quality assurance

Important investments in quality and sustainability are made as Ekeri receives quality and environmental certification.

Ekeri turns 70

Ekeri celebrates its first 70 years. By this point, over 70% of Ekeri's production is being exported. Turnover continues to grow.

Ekeri expands

Ekeri expands its factory site with a brand new factory building for the door- and sandwich panel production.


The year is characterised by substantial investments. Ekeri acquires the Swedish company OF Ekeri and thereby gains a stronger position on the Swedish market.

The Finnish company Ko-Me-Sa Oy, which produces chassis components, is also acquired and becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ekeri.


Christian Sundqvist takes over as CEO of Ekeri at the beginning of the year. He succeeds Matti Laurila, who has held the position for over five years.


Ekeri's long-term dedication to sustainability reaches a significant milestone by transforming the Kållby factory into a carbon-neutral facility. Through energy reduction, green electricity adoption, and carbon offsetting, Ekeri successfully makes the transport solutions production process entirely carbon neutral.


In 2023, Ekeri achieves a new record of producing almost 800 units. The group's turnover also reaches a record level of just over 100 million.


Ekeri has established itself as a leading supplier on the Nordic trailer market and can look back at a staggering development. In the last 25 years, there has been a sixfold increase in turnover, and the future is looking bright as ever.


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