The guiding principle of Ekeri’s units is that the openable sides significantly facilitate loading and unloading different types of goods.

You can choose from our wide range of options and pick the transport solution best suited to your needs. You can also check out reliable additional equipment, such as the user-friendly and versatile load securing system we have developed.


Side opening allows for:
  • easier and faster loading and unloading
  • more versatile usage of the cargo space
  • full loads, partial loads and general cargo
  • frozen and dry loads
  • easy loading of extra-long goods and free access for pallet loading
  • unloading of small deliveries from the entire length of the cargo space
  • loading and unloading of goods in any order you want
  • reduced waiting times
  • more opportunities for return loads.

Choose the accessories you need from Ekeri’s wide range of extra equipment.

The doors can be closed quickly and easily. The door stoppers ensure that the doors are held securely in place during loading and unloading.

The side door system works regardless of the cargo weight thanks to the Ekeri chassis, which has been optimised for side door solutions.

The fully openable sides significantly increase the options regarding cargo content, amount of cargo and loading and unloading. Therefore, this solution equals maximum usage of the cargo space.


Ekeri’s load securing system – combined with the Load Lux tensioner – is a superior solution for load securing. The system offers a range of options for the safe securing of cargo, taking all load securing requirements into account. The system also makes the driver’s job significantly easier.

Securing the cargo is easy when the straps can be attached anywhere along the entire length of the cargo space. This is possible due to Ekeri’s patented lashing rails embedded into the floor. Before loading, the straps are fastened to the ceiling, and once the loading is completed, you simply pull down the straps over the cargo and secure the load. There’s no need to throw the straps over from one side to the other with this system.

With Ekeri’s patented load securing system, you can freely move the straps along the load securing grooves.
With the Load Lux tensioner, you can use the full width of the load space.


With Ekeri’s variable Load Lux tensioner, the internal width of the load space can be utilised in full. The tensioner is positioned steplessly in the rails and is tensioned with a normal socket wrench.


Ekeri’s double-deck system, EkeLoad, combined with the side-opening functionality, maximises efficient usage of the cargo space.

The EkeLoad system enables flexible loading on two layers, which increases costs savings, and reduces the environmental impact through efficient use of the cargo space. EkeLoad is particularly popular in the transportation of foodstuffs, where stacking pallets on top of one another is not always possible.

The EkeLoad system consists of rails embedded in the walls and side doors and load-bearing beams attached to the rails.

The rails are recessed into the wall structure and do not take up any space in the cargo space, and does not damage the load during transportation. The beams are attached to the rails or separately available poles attached to the side door side.

• EkeLoad is suitable for 1.2 m EUR pallets.
• The poles can be adjusted at 100 mm intervals.
• Special load securing straps and lashing rings suitable for the rails are also available.


The basis of our product development is, and will always be, meeting the market’s needs. Before new solutions are put on the market, they must first pass a strict quality control featuring a range of tests.

Transport companies’, vehicle managers’ and drivers’ feedback are particularly valuable for our product development. Our customers have extensive experience in loading and unloading, transport methods, cargo compartment functions and securing cargo. With their input as a starting point, our product development builds better solutions, materials and designs that facilitate driver’s daily work, increase efficiency and improve ergonomics.



Our production system ensures that products are safe and that delivery times are met. Ekeri’s suppliers and subcontractors also carry out our quality principles.

Our management system guarantees that the delivered products fulfil the customer’s quality requirements in full compliance with the contract. Ekeri’s management system is certified according to the quality standard ISO 9001, the environmental standard ISO 14001 and the occupational safety standard ISO 45001.

Sustainability and a balanced development towards an environmental transport industry are important signposts on our road map.


We support our customers also after the delivery of a transport solution. Through our After Sales department, you can easily and quickly get a hold of the right spare parts and extra equipment. That’s a reassuring guarantee for the future, making Ekeri a good choice both today and tomorrow.


Would you like to find out which of our solutions is the most suitable for you?

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