Con-Tex secures transport of explosives with Ekeri’s semi-trailers


Transporting explosives and other dangerous goods by road is a challenging task that requires strict compliance with the ADR regulations. ADR is a set of rules to ensure the safety and security of transporting hazardous materials by road. ADR covers classification, packaging, labeling, documentation, vehicle equipment, driver training, and emergency response. 

Con-Tex Transport GmbH is a German company that transports explosive and dangerous goods by road. This is a tough and risky job that needs special skills and equipment. The company has been doing this for over 12 years and specializes in transporting explosives where this standard is required. The company follows all the rules and regulations for explosive transport, using modern vehicles and experienced drivers who know the roads well. Their customers in the defence industry trust them to be on time and reliable.

Con-Tex’s clients are located in Germany, which is big in the defence industry. The company aims to expand in this specific niche and wants to invest in more Ekeri semi-trailers. The reason for this is the high quality, which also can be a demand from the client.

“We aim for quality over quantity”, says Frank Noe, CEO of Con-Tex Transport GmbH.

Since the load is very demanding, special training is needed for the drivers, such as an ADR licence. The company invests a lot in training for the drivers. 

The solution to safe transports: Ekeri semi-trailers

Con-Tex has chosen Ekeri as its partner for providing semi-trailers that meet the ADR EXIII standard. The semi-trailers are designed to comply with the ADR requirements for transporting dangerous goods and the specific needs of the defence industry. 

Ekeri semi-trailers allow Con-Tex Transport to offer its customers a flexible and efficient service while also minimizing the risk of accidents or stealing attempts. Ekeri semi-trailers have extra locks on the doors and the sides, which enhance the security of the transport. The semi-trailers are also equipped with advanced surveillance technology. 

The results of delivering explosives safely and securely

By using Ekeri semi-trailers, Con-Tex has been able to deliver explosives safely and securely. Con-Tex has also expanded its business in the niche market, as more customers prefer to work with a transporter that uses Ekeri semi-trailers, which are considered a reference in the industry. Con-Tex has also been able to reduce the maintenance and repair costs of the semi-trailers, as Ekeri products are designed to last and perform well under challenging conditions.

The testimonial of Con-Tex’s CEO

“We are very satisfied with Ekeri trailers, as they provide us with the best solution for transporting explosives. They are safe, secure, and easy to use, and they have a high reputation in the market. Our customers trust us more when they see that we use Ekeri trailers, which are the best in the industry. We are happy to work with Ekeri, as they are a reliable and professional partner that understands our needs and challenges”, concludes Frank Noe.

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