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Ekeri’s new sustainability goals


The green transition still requires cooperation between companies. Ekeri has already moved over to a climate neutral production, which is a milestone in itself, but it’s still a long way from the completion of our climate goal. The next stage is to develop a better green partnership with our suppliers.

A huge undertaking

After establishing a sustainable production and looking at both direct and indirect emissions within Scope 1 and 2 of the international GHG Protocol*, Ekeri’s next challenge is to evaluate and calculate in preparation for Scope 3. This area includes all other upstream/downstream emissions from manufacturing, e.g., purchased materials, product use, waste management, business trips, employee transport, leased assets, end-of-life treatments.

During 2023, Ekeri will map its indirect effect on the environment according to the GHG standards to minimise the climate footprint. After that, the long hard work begins with our suppliers to find solutions to reduce the collective climate impact.

Close cooperation with subcontractors

Many of Ekeri’s suppliers have already started to work on their sustainability issues and can proceed with a good conscience, whereas others still find themselves at the start gate. The most crucial step to achieving Scope 3 is to start discussions with our suppliers. 

The basis for the discussions is Ekeri’s code of conduct for suppliers. All of the leading suppliers have been informed regarding Ekeri’s sustainability goals with the help of the code of conduct. And the suppliers have been asked to work with as little environmental impact as possible and plan their transition to fossil-free energy sources.

“Ekeri wants a sustainable business, and at the same time, our customers demand it. Our leading suppliers have approved that they stand for the same values ​​and sustainability goals as Ekeri. However, they also know that they are expected to work to minimise the environmental impact of their operations”, says Daniel Asplund, quality and after sales manager at Ekeri

Internal training for a better understanding

The new objectives also entail further work with sustainability issues within the own organisation. Several internal training and information sessions have already been carried out to inform the staff about the long-term objectives and increase the understanding of everyone’s responsibilities and impact.

“We will pay more attention to sustainability issues in our purchasing training to be able to work towards more sustainable purchases, thus allowing us to follow up how our suppliers progress working towards their sustainability”, says Nina Hjulfors, procurement manager at Ekeri.

Ekeri’s transport solutions have always promoted a sustainable transport industry with our focus on the side opening options to create a more effective way of emptying the trailer, saving time and money. The new sustainability goals are ambitious but necessary to continue manufacturing outstanding transport solutions that aim for a sustainable future. 

*GHG Protocol (Greenhouse Gas Protocol)

  • The GHG Protocol is classified into three scopes (Scope 1, 2 and 3).
  • Ekeri has completed Scope 1 and 2 and is now working on Scope 3.
  • Scope 1 covers direct emissions from the sources Ekeri itself has produced, during production and vehicle use.
  • Scope 2 covers the indirect emissions from the production of purchased energy.
  • Scope 3 is broken down into 15 categories and is quite complex, covering upstream and downstream activities. These indirect emissions occur in the supply chain before and after production. These areas span many levels and areas of activity that include, among other things, emissions that occur with subcontractors, during the production of raw materials, through to waste management and transport. 

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