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Ekeri signs energy efficiency agreement


Finland has been working on voluntary energy efficiency agreements between the state and the various industries and municipalities since the 1990s. The current agreement started in 2017 and runs until 2025. Many companies and municipalities in Finland have signed the agreement, but Ekeri is the first manufacturer of transport solutions to do so. 

Mapping and monitoring energy consumption

The agreement aims to streamline energy use and thereby reduce and prevent the climate footprint from industry, the energy, municipal and service sectors and the real estate industry. Based on the Energy Efficiency Agreement, each company that has entered into the agreement develops action programmes to minimise its energy consumption and thereby reduce the CO2 emissions of energy consumption.

“This is a natural continuation of Ekeri’s sustainability work. Already in 2007, we switched to heating with wood chips and over the years, we have switched to using green electricity exclusively,” says Daniel Asplund, Ekeri’s Quality and After Sales Manager.

The companies entering the agreement undertake to work continuously with energy efficiency and increased use of renewable energy sources. Each company must identify its opportunities for efficiency improvement and organise staff training, procurement processes and other work to support the agreement’s climate goals. The agreement is followed up by the companies’ annual report on their energy consumption, the measures they have taken and the progress of energy efficiency.

Aiming to make energy use more efficient

With the Energy Efficiency Agreement, Ekeri is ready to take even greater responsibility for working in accordance with Finnish and international goals. An indicative quantitative goal for energy savings is indicated upon entering the agreement. The objective for 2025 is to reduce the affiliated companies’ energy consumption by 7.5%.

“To achieve these goals, Ekeri will focus on reducing heat loss from properties and ventilation using the best available technology,” says Asplund.

Ekeri believes that streamlining is possible and will take measures to the best of its ability to achieve the goals of the Energy Efficiency Agreement.


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