Europe’s largest logistics provider in co-operation with Ekeri


Girteka is the largest logistics provider in Europe and uses its fleet of more than 6,500 trucks and more than 7,000 trailers to provide road transport solutions for its customers across Europe.
The company was founded in Lithuania in 1996 and employs more than 15,000 employees today.

Girteka is constantly looking for ways to improve and streamline transport services to benefit customers and drivers. The company’s latest step in this journey is a co-operation with Ekeri.

By integrating an innovative FNA trailer solution (a refrigerated unit with normal insulation and temperature range from +12°C to 0°C) with openable sides into their fleet, Girteka is addressing the specific needs of the seafood logistics market, providing more efficient loading and unloading solutions that ultimately benefit the customers and drivers.

As leaders in responsible logistics, Girteka’s alliance with Ekeri is the next step in the ongoing journey. It’s not just about delivering cargo; it’s about delivering on the promise to customers and providing the best possible working conditions for the drivers.

We are pleased with this co-operation with Girteka.

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The picture shows (from left) Vytautas Pilionis, procurement manager, Girteka; Morten Maehlum, salesman, Ekeri Norway; Trond Lundsten, CEO, Ekeri Norway; Vilius Šmatavičius, head of procurement projects, Girteka, and Stefan Ketola, sales manager for Ekeri.

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