A challenging but prosperous year comes to an end


When I look back at 2022, I am reminded of what an incredibly devoted crew we have here at Ekeri. At the same time, as I reflect on my first year as CEO, one could have wished for an easier start.

This year has been filled with unprecedented events resulting in unexpected economic and industrial changes. As a result, attaining material has continued to be challenging while material costs have gone through the roof.

An accelerating inflation and rising interest rates have resulted in challenges not only for the company but also for the private economy. Nevertheless, our team has been dedicated to our work and successfully completed this year’s production plan, thus keeping our promises to the customers.

Important investments and acquisitions

During the past year, we have made several significant investments. Among other things, new facilities for spare parts and services have been built in Norway. In addition, the acquisition of OF Ekeri in Sweden has been a significant step forward in developing the entire Ekeri group. We have also bought our supplier Ko-Me-Sa in Finland, which is now an integrated part of Ekeri. These two acquisitions further increase our competitiveness and ensure our core processes. 

The work for a sustainable future continues

This year, our long-term work for sustainability has become more comprehensible due to evaluation processes based on international standards. We appreciate the region’s sustainability award, which we received for our sustainability work and our climate-neutral factory. Our journey for a sustainable future, however, has only just begun.

Our current aim is to minimise our indirect environmental impact by looking through what happens before and after the factory. To reach our goals, we will work closely with our suppliers to reduce Ekeri’s carbon footprint outside the walls of the climate-neutral factory. 

Looking forward, with appreciation

We have strengthened Ekeri’s organisation throughout the year by welcoming many new colleagues. I am grateful to our fantastic crew, customers, collaboration partners and suppliers for making this challenging year successful. After last year’s sales record, we have once again sold more transport solutions than we have had time to produce. We want to thank our customers for trusting Ekeri and our transport solutions.

We now look forward to 2023 with excitement and anticipation. Our starting position for the new year is exceptional, with an experienced crew, a well-oiled organisation, plenty of orders, and completed investments and company acquisitions.  

Our faith in the future is strong – with an outlined strategy and clear objectives, we want to make 2023 Ekeri’s best year yet.


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