Ekeri favours climate-neutral production


Ekeri’s work on sustainability has reached its next milestone by making its Kållby factory (Finland) climate neutral. Ekeri will present this major achievement during the Nordics’ largest transport fair, Elmia Lastbil 2022, held in Jönköping on 24-27 August.

A long-term commitment to climate continues

Ekeri laid the groundwork for becoming a climate-neutral factory back in 2007, when the company decided to move over to wood chip heating. Since then, Ekeri has – among other things – reduced its electricity and fuel consumption and switched to exclusively using green electricity. As of late, it has increasingly prioritised biofuels to minimise emissions from its own vehicles and machinery.

Although Ekeri has therefore been taking different climate measures for many years, it has previously proved difficult to assess the actual effects of such measures and changes. This summer, as the company completed a consultancy-led evaluation process under the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG), Ekeri gained a clearer picture of its own climate footprint.

The GHG protocol is the world’s most widely used standard for calculating and reporting greenhouse gas emissions. For Ekeri, it has been a valuable tool not only to map the climate footprint but also to see what measures could be taken to reduce and compensate for the environmental impact.

– We aim to hand over a healthy planet to future generations, and the emission calculations have helped and spurred us on in our quest for climate neutrality. There is no reason to work blindly when dealing with environmental issues, says Ekeri’s Quality and After Sales Manager, Daniel Asplund.

Offsetting the remaining environmental impact

Ekeri has calculated Scope 1 and 2 according to the GHG protocol. Scope 1 and 2 mean that the company must account for and offset direct emissions from its own vehicles, production and the factory, as well as indirect emissions from heating and electricity usage. Ekeri is thus one of the first companies – both in the region and within its industry – that can boast climate-neutral production.

– At our Kållby factory, we attach great importance to living in balance with nature. The plant is surrounded by beautiful forest and farmland so every glance out the window reminds you of the nature we must protect. Therefore, it felt reasonable to offset our remaining 94 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent by planting new forest, says Asplund

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Daniel Asplund
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