New leadership at Ekeri


Ekeri’s new CEO, Christian Sundqvist, takes office on February 14, 2022, when Matti Laurila hands over the assignment after more than five years as CEO. Consequently, we would like to thank Matti for his commendable contributions and wish him all the best in his new undertakings.

We would also like to welcome and introduce Christian. Ekeri’s new CEO was born and raised in Ytteresse, Pedersöre, which is also where he and his family live. More about Christian in the interview below.

From studies to a manager position  

After completing his studies in industrial management at Novia in Vaasa in 2004, Christian began his career at the metal and technology firm Componenta.

– I started as a method engineer and then became production manager. The job assignments were very instructive; gaining insight into Volvo’s production system was especially interesting. Componenta was making parts for Volvo’s factory in Skövde at the time.

Four years went by at Componenta before Christian got the role of CEO at the metalworking company Keymet.

– What I didn’t know back then was that the financial crisis was lurking just around the corner. The recession was a harsh trial, but we chose to go our own way. We bought a larger company and weathered the storm.

In time Keymet also experienced considerable growth. When Christian resigned after 10 years as CEO, the workforce had grown from 5 to 25 employees.

By May 2018, it was time for something new as Christian took the production manager position at the boat manufacturer Nautor’s Swan. When he started working there, the company was expanding rapidly and had an increasing need for labour.

– We didn’t have an HR manager, so my job was quite versatile initially. I got to be both production manager and HR manager simultaneously. After a while, I could transition into focusing solely on being the HR manager.

The road to Ekeri

Multiple factors contributed to Christian’s decision to apply for the position as Ekeri’s CEO. After ten years as a business leader, the practicalities of the job felt familiar, while the manager position at Ekeri offered new challenges.

– I’m driven by a desire to develop, to challenge myself and at the same time help others reach their potential. That’s what prompted me to accept this assignment, Christian states.

He also mentions that the company’s values, structure, and good reputation were crucial to the decision.

– There’s a positive atmosphere at Ekeri, and the employees like it here. One of my top priorities is that Ekeri will continue to be an attractive workplace in the future.

A vision for Ekeri’s future

Last year, Ekeri sold more transport solutions than ever before, and in previous years major investments have been made in the expansion of production capacity. Christian emphasizes that the current situation offers excellent opportunities for steady and controlled growth.

– In my assessment, Ekeri is far from done growing. The acquisition of OF Ekeri has strengthened our market position further, but there are still possibilities for us to expand, especially on the Nordic markets.

Christian also describes environmental awareness as one of Ekeri’s key advantages.

– Ekeri is a pioneer in sustainable development, and I believe sustainable business is becoming increasingly important. Climate-smart solutions might eventually become a standard criterion for suppliers to major customers.


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